Vaccination As Control Over Flu

The flu inoculation is the most reliable protection during any influenza epidemics. Protective functions of an organism which it gets as a result of vaccination won’t give almost no chance to fall ill.

Many dangerous viral infections (diphtheria, measles, poliomyelitis) were actually almost completely destroyed, it was promoted by mass vaccination against these diseases.

Mass vaccinating against flu which is carried out every year, gives the chance to reduce as much as possible sickness and mortality rate of the population of all ages. The purpose of vaccination is not a total elimination of flu but just a depression of number of the diseased and mortality rate, especially at complications from exacerbation of vascular and heart diseases.

In WHO recommendations there is a reference to a compulsory vaccination of people whose age is older than 65 years. And having chronic diseases it needs to be done at any age. Now it is planned to dilate the age framework of persons subjected to compulsory vaccination against flu (people senior 50 year old and pregnant women of the second – third trimester).

It is possible to include school students into groups of high risk of infection, students of average educational institutions, medical staff, and people working in services industry.

Pandemic flu differs from seasonal flu mainly in that fact that during epidemic only the youth fells ill. In this case the vaccination should be done just to a certain group of people (schoolchildren, students, etc.).

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