Whether Vaccination Against Flu Is Harmful

Vaccination against flu has been carried out more than for 60 years. During this time vaccines proved their safety for all age groups. Of course, sometimes light side effects happen but very seldom. Usually after vaccination symptoms can be shown as at flu: there is flaccidity, muscles pain and headaches, even temperature raise is possible but all of them disappear in a short time. There are also cases of allergy, but such clinical presentations are extremely seldom. Serious consequences are observed absolutely seldom and happen 1 time per one million vaccinations.

To prevent any vaccination complications it is worth submitting to the doctor all information on sustained diseases and allergy implications before doing vaccination that will allow reducing the probability of undesirable implications.

Vaccination should not be subjected:

• People with an allergy to chicken protein;

• People with allergic reaction to vaccination done last season;

• People who have aggravated chronic diseases or there is an infectious disease followed by temperature.

The advantage of flu vaccination is that they prevent severe form of flu. It is not a secret that it may lead to a lethal outcome.

The main conclusions are:

• flu vaccination is not dangerous;

• Opportune vaccination reduces risk of serious consequences and deaths from flu;

• Vaccination reduces possibility of complications among all segments of the population.

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