Flu Treatment

The excellent way to avoid infection with flu is to do vaccination against it in time. Vaccine has some influenza strains and will be able to provide protection against each of them. If you didn’t do it, the probability of infection with flu increases to several times.

The most important for flu treatment is a bed rest, the maximum rest and reception of a big amount of liquids. In an ideal it is necessary to observe the rules at once at emergence of the first symptoms. At the developed disease the following actions will help:

• to facilitate state of disease it is necessary to apply drops in a nose and steam inhalation;

• for complication treatment with evident bacterial infection antibacterial drugs usage (antibiotics) is necessary;

• At high temperature the antipyretic paracetamol containing medicines are helpful;

• For putting off the nose mucosa edema drugs with local vasoconstrictive effect are prescribed;

• To calm down tussis, to dilute sputum and to facilitate its discharge tinctures and medicines prescribed by the doctor from tussis will be helpful.

At the outset of the illness doctors recommend to do steam inhalations with use of infusions of Calendulas, mint, sage, tutsan, ascorbic acid as it help to strengthen the organism. It is necessary also to start taking anti allergic drugs and medicines containing interferon for immunity strengthening.

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