Traditional Remedies For Fast Recovery At Flu

Doctors call into question opportunity to recover from flu within one day. But the followers of treatment by traditional remedies have other opinion. We will tell you about 4 methods of such treatment.

The first: we will take one and a half spoons of boiled water and dissolve 1 tsp of salt in it, then add juice of one lemon and 1 g of ascorbic acid and well mix. It is drunk before going to bed, gradually, during one and a half – two hours. By the morning all symptoms of flu will disappear.

The second: frequently at catch cold before temperature has not risen yet daily take hot baths for feet. But there is also one more prescription which we also will recommend to you: it is necessary to soar not feet but arms. For this purpose put your arms into reservoir with water (38°C-40°C) so that they are covered with water to an elbow, put a teapot with hot water nearby. Carefully add water so that it would get temperature about 42°C. Duration of procedure is 10 minutes. After that put on gloves and put the patient to bed.

The third prescription belongs to Englishmen: they applied egg yolks and beer as a remedy. Yolks (4 pieces) are triturated with sugar, the warmed-up beer (0,5 l) is added, a little cinnamon, 3 pieces of carnation and dried grated peel of half a lemon. The mixture was cooked like coffee without boiling for 5 minutes. For one time it is necessary to drink approximately a glass of mixture, 4 times a day.

The fourth prescription: inhalation of garlic and onion phytoncids. For this purpose it is required to grate one bulb and some garlic cloves; to bend and start inhaling their aroma deeply, in turn with mouth, and then with nose.

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