Traditional Medicine For Flu Treatment In Children

If your child got sick you should follow all recommendations which the local doctor made. However in addition to drug treatment it is possible to add the following very effective remedies which people use long since.

At treatment of catarrhal diseases a complex of the vitamins containing vitamins “A”, “C” and “E” is usually prescribed. Their entering in organism will be increased by blackcurrant berries, both fresh and in the form of jam, jelly, etc.

The sick child needs to eat a glass of grapes every day. Fructose and glucose containing in it is an excellent energy source. It is useful to drink 2 glasses of broth from blackcurrant leaves (2 tbsps of/1 glass of water) a day.

It will be very correct to gargle the throat with chamomile infusion This infusion possesses a good anti-microbic and anti-inflammatory action. It is possible to combine a chamomile infusion gargle with infusion of tutsan, mint and eucalyptus. The way of preparation is the same, as with a chamomile.

Besides, it is necessary to use raspberry berries fresh or mixed with sugar. They contain a substance acting as natural Aspirin. Berries have antibacterial, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. It is possible to drink an infusion of raspberry. For this purpose a tablespoon of dry berries with boiled water to brew 15 minutes and having filtered to drink warm. For the child it is possible to add a little sugar. It is also possible to drink infusion from berries of raspberry and flowers of linden (1 tbsp. of mixture / 1glass of boiled water). Infusion is taken hot previously having filtered before going to bed.

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