Symptoms Of Flu

The period of development of a flu virus in human body after infection fluctuates from one to four days. Flu always is shown in acute form being followed by unpleasant symptoms and therefore the patient can tell to the doctor even the hour when he has fallen ill. In some hours after the beginning of the disease temperature may reach 40°C and keep at such level for 2-3 days. Intoxication of an organism is shown acutely: severe headache concentrating in a forehead and temples, photophobia and painfulness during the movement of eyeballs, a muscular and joint pain.

Patients sneeze very seldom. Such symptom usually accompanies ARVI, as well as sore throat. At flu infection usually back surface of pharynx and a palate suffers. A little later tussis is added to these symptoms. Also the virus of flu can be recognized on high fatigability, weakness, bad sleep and irritability.

Flu should not be neglected and hope that it will pass without assistance. It should be treated obligatory as this insidious disease is capable to affect not only respiratory organs but to cause dangerous complications in kidneys, heart and abdominal organs. Virus of flu does not require a special treatment and drugs, which can fully affect it, do not exist. The reason of such situation is a mutability of this virus.

Minor and moderately severe forms of flu are usually treated at home. The major therapy is a strict observance of regimens (bed and drinking much liquid).

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