Sneezing Or Flu Contagion Process

It is rather easily to catch flu when the weather is cold and dank, temperature is minus 20°C, all people around continuously sneeze as if decided to win a prize at the competition “The Best Sneezer”.

To minimize the probability to catch the virus it is necessary to understand how flu is transferred and whether you are not in the risk group the members of which are subjected to the infection first of all.

The way of flu virus transfer from person to person is extremely simple. If we got sick and even don’t sneeze and just conduct a conversation, the microscopic particles of saliva where the harmful virus spreads.

The sneeze is on the first place in transferring the viruses from person to person. Imagine the girl who is going to have a date, dolling up, and sprays herself with a deodorant. Fine particles spread around but not just in a point on which the stream was directed. The same happens when the mass of the infected particles shrouds the sneezing person forming an infection zone.

Good news: sputum particles quickly fall down, the radius of their spreading is three meters nevertheless those who is in a contact zone may easily catch. In this case we suggest not hesitating and ask the diseased person to cover his mouth with a scarf or at least an arm. But it is better if he leaves the office for the period of the illness. Remember that in case if you observe the rules of sneezing emission of the infected particles in surrounding space decreases by 70 times that conducts to depression of concentration of a virus in air.

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