What To Do If Sick Man At Home?

It is noticed: as soon as someone of your family falls ill all the rest start being ill. To prevent the transmission of infection it is necessary to follow the basic rules of hygiene.

If there is a sick person in the house the first what is necessary to do is to isolate him in the separate room, to give out to all family members gauze flu masks and to change them according to rules of use (after a patient care it is necessary to unmask and wash or iron it with a hot iron). Air all rooms thoroughly and not be lazy to do wet cleaning several times a day.

In the center of flu it is required to carry out careful disinfection and possible disinfection, both air indoors which is the basic in transfer of aggressive viruses and household subjects on which they settle with drops of the sputum discharged by the diseased. The easiest way to reduce accumulation of viruses is to air it regularly. Usually it is recommended to do it three or four times a day within 20 minutes. It is important to watch indoors air temperature where the patient is. Preferable temperature is + 20°C.

It is also important to follow such rules:

• Just one person has to take care after the patient;

• Pregnant women have to be isolated from sick person;

• Frequent washing of arms with disinfectants has to become a norm for all family;

• To watch attentively all family members to distinguish opportunely the appearing disease symptoms;

• At communication with the patient it is desirable to be at distance not exceeding one meter from him.

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