Rules How Not To Be Down With Flu

The most important to be done is it to try not to fell ill and not to infect people around. For this purpose it is necessary:

• Not to come into contact to the infected person;

• Not to approach to the infected person less than one meter;

• To wear a removable flu mask

• Wash arms with soap, special antibacterial solutions or napkins to avoid the spreading of infection;

• Cover your face with a scarf at tussis or sneezing, in the last resort just with your arm;

• Temporarily stop visiting meetings, gatherings not to be in places with  maximum number of people;

• Air the room obligatory.  It is necessary to do it regularly;

• Not to touch your face, mouth and eyes if arms have not been washed;

• Follow the rules of healthy life (the correct life style, a well-timed sleep, balance of nutrition).

If nevertheless you have fallen ill temporarily limit communication with people and call the doctor. You should not leave the house within a week (since the beginning of the disease). All this time it is necessary to keep rules of personal hygiene. You should not neglect them not to infect members of your family. If conditions allow, try to isolate yourself from people around. Bed rest and big quantity of liquid – these are the main rules for treatment of flu.

You should watch the way you feel. In case of symptoms aggravation immediately apply to the doctor to receive the professional conclusion and to continue treatment in correct way.

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