Risk Groups At Flu

Infection with a flu virus usually happens in places of a big public gathering and at contact communication. In this case it is absolutely optional to kiss someone to catch flu instantly. Most often for this purpose is enough just to shake hands. To get a flu virus in “gift” is possible within several seconds. The most widespread way of becoming infected is by air by means of sputum drops which scatter in the room at tussis and sneezing. More seldom is possible to get infected through subjects of common use, such as a mug from, which infected drank, or a plate, from which he ate.

The virus of flu may be caught by everyone. But nevertheless there are some groups of people which have hundredfold risk to get serious complications after the sustained flu. These groups include people in whom flu symptoms are more severe than in other people and may lead to a hospital bed and sometimes to a lethal outcome.

This category of people has to be protected in advance, having done vaccination against flu or to be protected by other ways during epidemic.

This category includes:

• Newborn babies who in general have no immunity. They are protected just by the antibodies received from mother. The situation is complicated still by that fact that vaccination against flu is forbidden for these children until half a year old;

• Children until five year old age. Flu is especially dangerous to children until two year old age;

• People older 65 years;

• Woman near her time;

• People suffering from asthmatic implications, pulmonary diseases, having overweight, dysfunction of kidneys and liver and weakened immune system.

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