What Is Recommended At Flu

The first and important step to protecting from flu is a vaccination which needs to be done in autumn as epidemics usually occur during the period from November to March. The high barrier of antibodies which is caused by vaccination is able to keep for several months. It starts decreasing just in half a year after vaccination.

The following step to protect oneself is to wear gauze flu mask during epidemic, to take acid ascorbic and to take Polyvitamin which will increase organism resistance to the infection. A large amount of various vitamins is in sour crout, lemons, tangerines, grapefruits, oranges, kiwi and cranberry.

If in your place flu has already started raging it is necessary to eat two or three garlic cloves a day for the purpose of prophylaxis. It will be enough just to chew garlic clove sucking out its juice. It will allow destroying completely all viruses and bacteria in oral cavity. The same action is peculiar also to an onion.

During a flu epidemic it is important to wash out nasal passages by soap (better is a household soap) not less than twice a day or onion infusion with honey (3 tbsps of crushed onion and 0,5 tsps of honey per quarter of warm water glass, to draw half an hour). Thanks to such procedure microbes that got into a nose with the inhaled air are removed

It is necessary to gargle the throat with solutions prepared from soda, chamomile and Furacilin. Besides, inhalations with potato peel, soda or with addition of 40 drops of eucalyptus oil are also important. In addition to the prescriptions of the doctor it is necessary to drink dog rose broth, raspberry juice with sugar, tea with honey and linden, etc.

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