How To Treat Child From Flu

As soon as all symptoms of flu are found in the child do not try to carry out independent treatment. You should better call the doctor. Just a physician is able to prescribe the correct treatment.

Flu is usually treated at home. But in case of severe disease level hospitalization may also be applied. If the child is to be treated at home, pay attention to a well-timed aeration of his bedroom, to qualitative and wholesome nutrition of the child. It is necessary to feed him mostly with food containing a large amount of vitamins especially “A”, “C” and “Е”. These vitamin substances are capable to suppress both a viral and bacterial infection. It isn’t recommended to apply antibiotics as viruses are indifferent to them. It happens that the doctor prescribes an antibiotic, but it is used for the prevention of complication development which may be caused by a bacterial infection.

Considerable effect in treatment is observed at prescription of antiviral drugs. The doctor also pays much attention to the shown symptoms. In case of high temperature he prescribes antipyretic and sudorific drugs. For removal of headache and muscles pain are analgesics. Paracetamol decreases temperature well.

At stuffiness in nose it is possible to instill nasal baby drops, to do a throat gargle (the 4th time/day). For such gargles it is necessary to use solutions of soda, Acidum ascorbic or Furacilin. It is possible to gargle the throat (if there are no contraindications) with water solutions with addition of iodine and salt.

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