Reasons Of Flu Spread

Flu is the same respiratory infection as ARVI and ARD, but has difference in a serious form of course and serious complications. The main source of spread and infection is a person with a virus, only at direct contact there is a transfer of a virus from the diseased to healthy person.

This virus has high transmissibility. It is noticed that epidemic usually occurs during the winter period approximately once in ten years, appears in other season. Other types of viruses prevent flu. The virus of flu gains the maximum development in the cities as the big public gathering promotes its spreading. Later it starts moving to the settlements with smaller number of people.

The flu virus is not too variable. It has a small amount of serotypes. After the disease a steady immunity to sustained flu type is formed in the person. But in case if several types of a virus work during the epidemic there is a danger to catch one more time. The viruses generating flu constantly live in the environment. They are capable to mutate cardinally that leads to repeated infections.

The flu virus spreads during conversation, tussis and sneezing. During these actions diseased people spray fine sputum drops containing the virus which moves in the air. Weather also helps in flu spreading: jumps of temperature and the increased humidity are one of preconditions for flu spreading. Besides, its spreading is promoted also by offseason immunity weakening.

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