How To Protect Children From Flu Infection

The most widespread way for prophylaxis of flu is a gauze mask though the application of just a flue mask won’t solve a problem with a sickness rate. You should never forget that viruses with ease are transmitted through dirty arms. Observations which were made showed that contact of arms to eyes, nose and mouth happens to 300 times a day. The virus can be transmitted through doors handles, use subjects, handshake, etc. Therefore experts recommend during the flu epidemic to wash hands as often as possible, especially if you take care for the patient.

Life of viruses is short (2-8 hours) but this time is quite enough to take penetrate into respiratory tracts of the person. The virus perishes at high temperature (75°C – 100°C) and application of spirituous (alcohol, Hydrogenium peroxide) and alkaline solutions (soap, alkali). Antiseptic preparations on the iodine basis also well act. The conclusion is evident: at all child care facilities there have to be obligatory soap, gels and napkins with antibacterial effect.

Prophylaxis of flu has to include the following:

• Decrease of contacts to the infected sources;

• Minimizing the use of public vehicles and visiting friends;

• Increase of time and frequency of walks in the fresh air, to is useful to walk for children;

It is also necessary to use vitamins as much as possible (Polyvitamin and vitamin C), and also the natural products containing a large number of substances useful at flu.

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