Prophylaxis Measures At Flu

The most important component in preventive actions is annual vaccination which is usually carried out in the second decade of autumn. For this purpose it is necessary to apply to the doctor or directly to the centers which are responsible for vaccination of the population.

It is worth remembering: the vaccine won’t give a full guarantee of your protection, but the risk of a disease will be lower. There are no permanent types of vaccines. They are changed permanently from year to year,. They are produced depending on what viruses can cause epidemic. Vaccination is prescribed not to everybody. Inoculations should not be done to babies of half a year old and to people with allergic reaction to chicken protein. However having such bitter experience with pandemics which raged last century it will be more correct to carry out preventive measures on order it would not happen anymore.

To limit flu spreading it is important to observe all necessary preventive measures which all of us has to know (to dress according to weather, to air the room, to wipe all open surfaces, not to be in close contact to the patient, etc.).

It is absolutely clear that usual preventive measures won’t manage to stop epidemic, but can reduce virus spreading. As an example it is possible consider Australia which at the time of Spanish influenza established the most severe quarantine actions, and stopped its advance on the continent having saved the population from a dangerous disease.

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