Flu Prophylaxis In Children

As soon as you get to know about the approaching flu epidemic it is worth taking care of giving to your child a flu vaccine. However because the flu virus changes from year to year, vaccination may be ineffective. For this purpose it is necessary to begin prophylaxis against flu independently.

At home it may be done by means of fresh garlic. It is necessary to mash some garlic cloves and having spread them out to saucers, put in all living rooms. Garlic juice of will gradually evaporate and thanks to it there will be its phytoncids in the air which successfully struggle with dangerous viruses of flu. Garlic preparation needs periodically to be replaced as it dries up and stops its action. Onions have similar action. Preparation method is the same as for garlic.

Peel of citrus fruit can help in protecting the kid from flu. It is noticed that the strongest and especially expressed disinfecting action has the juice of grapefruit peel. Fresh grapefruit is necessary to peel, so that juice would start splashing from it, and the smooth surface of peel become humid. Then distribute it in all rooms. You should remember that if there is an intensive grapefruit smell in the house you may be sure that diffusion of any respiratory virus in your house will be minimal. Don’t forget to use for prophylaxis above-mentioned fruit and vegetables during meals. It is one more additional way allowing to be protected from flu.

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