What Is Necessary To Know About Flu

Flu is a respiratory virus as ARVI or ARD but it much more dangerous with unpredictable and severe consequences. Hundreds of viruses are capable to lead to a catarrhal disease, but just the flu viruses (A, B and C) can cause flu. The disease spreads in the form of epidemics, but there are some cases when it takes a pandemic form (Spanish influenza, etc.).

Today about 2000 variations of flu virus are known. The difference among them is in antigenic properties of proteins. These properties define its belonging to three kinds which were defined by scientists in 1933, 40th and 47th.

Flu can affects anybody. The flu epidemic occurs every year. Impossibility of an organism to resist to it occurs because the virus constantly mutates, changing the antigenic structure. There are epidemics during cold time and affect to 15% of planet population.

Approximately every two – three years epidemics arise which are caused by “A” flu virus. It happens because the human body for such period keeps immunity which it has got on this serotype of the virus.

Epidemics caused by flu “B” occur four very seldom, once per six years.

As for the “C” flu virus, it is stable. Usually if the person already had this type of the virus he will never fall ill any more. It is noticed that adults do not catch this virus. The virus “C” doesn’t cause epidemics. There are just not multiple disease outbreaks among children and people having the weakened immunity.

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