Flu Treatment With Homeopathy

The homeopathy again receives the deserved attention at treatment of viral infections. Ability to strengthen work of protective forces of an organism is the cornerstone of homeopathy action. Homeopathic drugs are made of herbs and mineral substances.

Everywhere is considered that such drugs do not constitute any danger to human. Their action is well accepted and what is unimportant, side effects from action of preparations are not revealed. Homeopathic medicines can be used also by pregnant women and even during breast feeding of the child.

Flu is also possible to treat by means of a homeopathy. For this purpose at the first symptoms of a disease it is necessary to apply to the homeopath who will prescribe you necessary medicines. Most often the following homeopathic drugs are prescribed:

• Aconite: at symptoms of flu which are followed by fever, rapid pulse, serious tussis and all symptoms of the disease of upper air passages;

• Belladonna: at head ache, fever, delirium, inflammation of tonsils;

• “Dulcamara”: at chill fit and excessive diaphoresis;

• “Ferrum phosphoricum”: is prescribed at the very beginning of the disease when there are no any symptoms except the increased temperature.

Preparations are made in the form of a dragee, tablets, granules, drops, candles, ointments, creams and injections.

Both adults and children may take homeopathic medicine. But as whatever remarkable the properties of these medicines are it is necessary to help their action. For this purpose it is necessary to avoid a mental overstrain, stressful situations and lack of sleep.

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