What Is Forbidden At Flu

Self-treatment of flu is inadmissible. And first of all it concerns children and people in advanced age. In this case it is difficult to understand how illness will behave. Forms of complications may be various. Just the doctor will make the correct conclusions on the condition of the patient therefore the call of the doctor is a correct action.

At flu pneumonia very often starts developing in the first days and even hours after infection. In this case medicines which will help to stop the disease development are vital. And therapy by anti-infectives and concomitant medicines is required.

The patients with flu require more careful observation by the doctor. According to statistic data 30% of patients get serious complications because applied to doctors too late.

Also independent taking of antibiotics is not admissible. Incorrect use of drugs cannot stop the developing bacterial infection, more than that, it mat transfer the illness to a chronic form, to provoke allergic reaction, to create forms of bacteria steady against antibiotics, and to lead to dysbacteriosis.

Choosing the medicines for temperature drop it is necessary to remember that Aspirin is contraindicative to all children till 16 years old as it may cause a coma. But in case if the age of the diseased exceeds 16 years old, it is recommended to take only Paracetamol or Paracetamol containing medicines.

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