Flu Virus “Cleans” Organism Cells

It is very important to realize that not to fall ill you should start the prophylaxis of flu. People have flu not just because they are affected by the virus. The infection is a consequence but not a cause of illness. A major factor of infection with a flu virus is our body contamination with waste and toxins which are densely accumulated in our cells, tissues and organs.

The first in this list is pus accumulation in respiratory organs. As it is known they first are affected at respiratory diseases. Then to this list is possible to add brain, heart, kidneys, etc.

To the patient with flu feels awfully not because he is bitten by a spiteful virus but because of a toxicant wastes which in the incredible quantity are thrown out from the cells to bloody ducts. Why it occurs? You won’t believe: the virus cleans our cells as a kind hostess but as they are extremely polluted, the thrown-out toxic wastes are carried by the blood within organism that can lead to dangerous complications of the most important human organs (heart, kidneys and brain).

So tell please, whether we need to sit and wait until the seasonal virus of flu comes “to clean” our organism in such unsafe way. Or it is better to reject laziness and start own rehabilitation. If to carry out cleaning of an organism in advance the virus quantity of which is great in air during epidemic will be absorbed by you at respiration. But if the cells are already “pure” it “will walk” along the organism without having done any harm and will be easily removed in the natural way by means of discharges and respiration.

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