Flu And Children

The virus of flu is not constant. It changes forming new types. As result it is necessary to develop new vaccines and to vaccinate the population every year.

When autumn comes with the wet and cold weather immunity of children weakens but the flu virus, on the contrary, becomes quite active. During such weather it can be easily e transferred in the air at contact communication especially in children’s collectives.

Flu is capable to cause serious consequences if the child’s immunity is weakened. Complications may take the most severe forms from kidneys inflammation (nephritis) to meningitis. In the tissues damaged by the virus and in respiratory tracts, which are filled with sputum, bacteria start breeding actively. This process often leads to bacterial complications. The main of them is otitis and pneumonia.

To diagnose flu for the child nose and throat culture are required to be checked. Only then it will become clear, whether the child has flu. Practice shows that doctors not always wait for results of analyses and prescribe treatment before their confirmation.

Therapy of flu is aimed on maintaining immunity of the patient but not to aggravate it. Therefore, antibiotics at flu are contraindicative. They are not recommended because they have no any influence on viruses. Antibiotics are used just in case when bacterial complications have been already formed. But to diagnose them just the pediatrician can having prescribed treatment according to the results of examination.

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