How Diseased Person Can Help To Himself

The first what should be done is to have more rest, till it won’t be a little better and temperature won’t drop. It is recommended to drink not less than eight glasses of liquids (juice, water, herbal teas with a lemon and honey) per day. Especially it is important if temperature is very high. It is necessary to forget temporarily about strong tea, coffee and alcoholic beverages as they don’t promote restoration of water balance, but on the contrary, worsen it.

Lemon juice mixed with honey and hot water, slightly warmed up milk with honey allow reducing pain in a throat. It is necessary to eat just when you want and only soft meal. If necessary it is possible to take the medicine reducing temperature and facilitating a disease state. Remember that Aspirin is contraindicative to children. It is recommended to drink only children’s Paracetamol. Before giving medicine to the child it is necessary to study attentively the instruction and to fulfill all its requirements.

It is possible to ask for advice the attending doctor or the druggist at a drugstore about new drugs against flu which can reduce the disease period. It is worth remembering that such drugs are effective only within the first two days from the beginning of a disease, i.e. since the moment when you felt weakness and muscular pain. It is better to visit a doctor or to call him to your home.

It is better not to go to work, to shop and other public places as it enlarges risk of complications. The risk of infection of people around also increases as you are a dangerous source of a disease.

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