Danger Of Masks Reuse

Researches in sphere gauze flu masks efficiency in protection of person against viral respiratory infections showed that at their application the opportunity to catch a virus during flu epidemic decreases almost by 80%. However, it is worth remembering that application of a flu mask for the purpose of protection has a certain period of time.

Gauze masks require continuous replacement. After use they need to be washed and ironed or thrown out. Perhaps, that’s all what it possible to tell about this simple prophylaxis which everybody knows since the earliest childhood but almost never use the knowledge.

We will give some facts and vital examples concerning a subject of protection of respiratory organs. So, when Spanish influenza raged on the planet, some countries compelled people to wear gas masks through the law or voluntarily. So, in Seattle at the time of epidemic the passengers were let in the street car only in protective masks. In other cities the person who coughed or sneezed in public, was severely penalized or put in prison.

It is clear that only sanitary and preventive actions at epidemic of viral infections are not able to stop its spread. But it is possible to delay and even to decrease them for some time. One example: the actions of the Australian government during Spanish influenza (strict quarantine at seaports). They salvaged the continent from terrible epidemic with these actions.

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