Causes Of Flu In Children

There are many viruses which cause flu. And it isn’t important what virus became its cause. The further aspect of disease is identical. It is necessary to remember that virus of flu possesses high degree of transmissibility. It is transmitted by air and through household subjects.

Symptoms of flu are shown not at once but in some days. The child becomes capricious and sleepiness, weakens, appears flaccidity and wishes to lie down, appetite disappears, games with children are not interesting. After some time there is a fever, headache, and body temperature may exceed 40°C.

The feverish state of the child may last for some days. Within this period concomitant symptoms appear, such as: painful throat, rhinitis and tussis, voice may get hoarse. There is a nose mucosa edema, nose respiration is hampered or stops at all, at that, slimy or watery discharges persistently flow out from the nose. Besides, child’s eyes redden, and there is a lacrimation which strongly disturbs him. More than that, the lymph-node hyperplasia is possible.

Flu at kids proceeds even much severer. There can be a disorder in work of digestion system; at high temperature cramps are not excluded.

Disease duration at children is from several days to two weeks, depending on severity level. You should not treat with neglect to the flu in children. In case of poor treatment development of serious complications, such as meningitis, nephritis, pneumonia, etc. is possible.

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