Danger Of Masks Reuse

Researches in sphere gauze flu masks efficiency in protection of person against viral respiratory infections showed that at their application the opportunity to catch a virus during flu epidemic decreases almost by 80%. However, it is worth remembering that application of a flu mask for the purpose of protection has a certain period [...]

Berry Plants in Flu Prophylaxis

Everybody knows that after drinking tea with raspberry or cranberry jam temperature drops and weakness disappears. The same happens with children: the child drank cranberry or cowberry drink and returns to life right before your eyes. It occurs because these berries contain fair quantity of fructose and glucose able to be easy assimilated, [...]

How To Protect Children From Flu Infection

The most widespread way for prophylaxis of flu is a gauze mask though the application of just a flue mask won’t solve a problem with a sickness rate. You should never forget that viruses with ease are transmitted through dirty arms. Observations which were made showed that contact of arms to eyes, nose [...]

Flu Virus “Cleans” Organism Cells

It is very important to realize that not to fall ill you should start the prophylaxis of flu. People have flu not just because they are affected by the virus. The infection is a consequence but not a cause of illness. A major factor of infection with a flu virus is our body [...]

“Changeable” Virus

Now we understand that the virus of flu “A” is the most insidious. It is able to change and causes mass epidemics on the planet. In the world there are many laboratories with an arsenal of the vaccines against flu developed for each serotype of drugs, but for flu “A” this arsenal is [...]

What Is Necessary To Know About Flu

Flu is a respiratory virus as ARVI or ARD but it much more dangerous with unpredictable and severe consequences. Hundreds of viruses are capable to lead to a catarrhal disease, but just the flu viruses (A, B and C) can cause flu. The disease spreads in the form of epidemics, but there are [...]

Symptoms Of Flu

The period of development of a flu virus in human body after infection fluctuates from one to four days. Flu always is shown in acute form being followed by unpleasant symptoms and therefore the patient can tell to the doctor even the hour when he has fallen ill. In some hours after the [...]

Flu And Children

The virus of flu is not constant. It changes forming new types. As result it is necessary to develop new vaccines and to vaccinate the population every year.

When autumn comes with the wet and cold weather immunity of children weakens but the flu virus, on the contrary, becomes quite active. [...]

Personal And Public Hygiene Rules At Flu

Remembering terrible consequences of a pandemic of last century it is easy to understand the importance of prophylaxis measures for prevention of infection spread. In those days the infection was limited with isolation and quarantine of patients, by increased hygiene and application of disinfection methods. During a Spanish influenza raging all public institutions [...]

Traditional Remedies For Fast Recovery At Flu

Doctors call into question opportunity to recover from flu within one day. But the followers of treatment by traditional remedies have other opinion. We will tell you about 4 methods of such treatment.

The first: we will take one and a half spoons of boiled water and dissolve 1 tsp of [...]