Berry Plants in Flu Prophylaxis

Everybody knows that after drinking tea with raspberry or cranberry jam temperature drops and weakness disappears. The same happens with children: the child drank cranberry or cowberry drink and returns to life right before your eyes. It occurs because these berries contain fair quantity of fructose and glucose able to be easy assimilated, and also vitamins of group “B”, folic acid and trace elements.

Long since in traditional medicine at catch cold people always used strawberry, raspberry, barberry, dog rose, etc. In summer season it is good to prepare leaves of blackcurrant, sea-buckthorn and cherry. They can be brewed and drunk during the season of viral diseases. To protect from a viral infection it is necessary to have tea not only with lemon, but also with blackcurrant as it has a fair quantity of ascorbic acid which increases resistance of an organism to viral diseases and implications of bacterial infections.

Some prescriptions for prophylaxis and treatment of flu:

• Dry berries of raspberry (2 tbsps) are put in a thermos and fill in with boiled water (200 ml.), brew for three hours, then filter and add two spoons of honey and drink before going to sleep;

• 3 tbsp of the crushed ashberries brew in a thermos, having filled in with liter of boiled water, then filter in five hours. Take one glass with addition of a tablespoon of honey

• Take 40 g of raspberries and 30 g of berries and flowers of ash berries, crush, put in thermos and fill in with liter of boiled water. In 5 hours infusion is filtered and drunk in warm condition one glass every four hours, adding a honey tablespoon.

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