Aromatherapy At Flu

It is known that many essential oils possess strong antimicrobial properties and are able to destroy viruses. For this purpose oil is applied for treatment of flu: rosemary, sage, mint, eucalyptus, lemon, anise, marigold, fir, pine, lavender and thyme.

It is also possible to apply specified essential oils with success with preventive purpose. It is very useful at flu and at all other viral diseases to make spraying of rooms with mixture from aromatic oils:

• For disinfection of rooms it is necessary to use lemon, eucalyptus and a tea tree oils. For this purpose in 100 ml of alcohol it is necessary to dissolve 20 drops of oils and to spray the room; to repeat the procedure once per hour. It is possible to carry out the disinfection by means of an aromatic lamp: to drop seven drops of essential oil (dosage for the room of 15 sq.m);

• At implication of the first flu symptoms it is necessary to take a bath with four drops of tea tree oil.

There are some more methods of application of an aromatherapy against flu:

• Thermal inhalations: add t 5-10 drops of oil to boiling water, and covered the head with a towel to breathe evaporations within10 minutes. Do not to open eyes during the procedure;

• Inhalations with “cold” effect: drip some drops of oil on any cloths and inhale its evaporations. It is also possible to use an open vial with oil. Duration of the procedure is 10 minutes.

Reception of essential oils inside:

• anise oil: one drop on honey, take 3 times per day;

• bergamot oil: two drops on honey three times per day

• fir oil: one drop on bread two times per day.

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