What Is Flu

Flu is a dangerous viral disease with serious consequences. The virus has adroplet spread at contact extending through sneezing and tussis, and also through arms.

Flu immediately affects mucosa of respiratory tract organs from nasal cavity to bronchi, causes temperature increase. There is weakness, muscles pain, heaviness in the head.

Getting into a human body the virus aggressively destroys everything on the way. As a result in damaged mucosa area pathogenic bacteria lodge and breed. It leads to otitis, bronchitis, sinusitis and pneumonia.

Most of all children, people of advanced age and patients having chronic diseases are subjected to complications after flu.

According to statistical data:

• annually every tenth adult and every third child comes down with the flu;

• annually in Europe, Japan and North America not less than hundred million people comes down with the flu;

• according to WHO data the harmful virus puts to bed from 5 to 20% of the population of the planet. And more than 200 thousand diseased have serious complications after flu and have to be hospitalized;

• at the beginning of epidemic the need for assistance at the first stage of a disease increases to 50%;

• At the height of epidemic need for hospitalization also reaches 170%.

Everybody knows the destructive action of the flu virus when at the beginning of the last century (1918/19) during a flu pandemic (Spanish influenza) about fifty million people died because of the complications.